Did you know?
Over 80% of the soybeans grown in the USA are now GM varieties.

Millions of tons of GM feeds re imported into Europe every year.

Europe grows thousands of acres of GM maize mainly in Portugal and Spain.

The understanding of plant biology is essential to breeding desirable traits into crops. The science shows enormous potential and has been embraced by agriculture all over the world although only to a limited extent in Europe.

Discovering how and when this technology can be utilised to best effect is still being developed in both the private and public sectors.

Most recently Rothamstead Research have developed a technique for breeding cereal plants which excrete a compound which deters aphids.

Optima Excel has considerable experience in the field of Plant Biotechnology and can provide both information and speakers on a wide range of issues that surround this subject. Plant breeding using advanced biotechnology has the potential to increase the nutrition levels of key foods like rice; improve the growth of crops like wheat in dry conditions and reduce the impact of pests like aphids in a wide range of susceptible crops.

One of our experts can help you judge the merits and demerits of this technology and how you might be able to gain a better understanding of its risks, rewards and potential.


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